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We are going thru a bit a end of summer slow down and so I'm taking the opportunity to play with my fins

Even with fin socks I have been getting an abrasion on the top of my toes so I thought I would add some additional padding for my piggies

This mod is inspired by Viper fins and Paul Gross' tweeking as mentioned on Surfmatters

(If only the Vipers came in EEE widths!)

I am using some neoprene scraps from trimming my winter hood

Pre mod shot

(feel free to ask your friends at the office what this is a picture of)

(If they mention Wolfgang Bloch give em half credit)

Since the piece of material I was using was more than wide enough I am going to see if the "wrap around" gives my enormous toes some additional cushion!

This would be the left foot

I'm using just a dab, maybe a dab-and-a-half of silicone sealant to tack the whole thing down.

That will make it easier to remove and reposition if need be.

If this turns out perfect on the first try, highly unlikely I know, I'll glue it in more securely.

PS - Let me know how you mod your fins. What are you cutting off or adding on and what glue you use to hold it all together.

If you can send pictures great!


pranaglider said…
I like Bloch's work, so keep that in mind
warren p said…
i always drill holes in the end to help get the sand straight out
pranaglider said…
Warren, nice to hear from you!
That's a great idea.
My techs have a vent molded into the fin to get the sand out and it works great. Do you use many small holes or a couple of big ones?
warren p said…
drop me and email and i will send you some pics

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