Inherent Vice - Thomas Pynchon

There is a new book out by Thomas Pynchon.

He been on my list of people to read for a while.

Some of his other books Gravity's Rainbow, Vineland etc all sound great

This quote, from the new book makes me want to get it now.

"Offshore winds had been too strong to be doing the surf much good, but surfers found themselves getting up early anyway to watch the dawn weirdness, which seemed like a visible counterpart to the feeling in everybody's skin of desert winds and heat and relentlessness, with the exhaust from millions of motor vehicles mixing with microfine Mojave sand to refract the light toward the bloody end of the spectrum, everything dim, lurid and biblical, sailor-take-warning skies. The state liquor stamps over the tops of tequila bottles in the stores were coming unstuck, is how dry the air was"

I read a lot, maybe too much, but

"the state liquor stamps over the tops of tequila bottles in the stores were coming unstuck, is how dry the air was"

is the most interesting sentence I've read in a while.

But maybe I just need some decent surf with light off shores.

(I couldn't decide which shot to use so I used both)

(you're welcome)

PS I also have a library hold on

The Beat Hotel : Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Corso in Paris, 1958-1963

love the work that came out of the beat period.


pranaglider said…
What's on your reading list?
Quiver said…
"The End of Overeating"
"The Control of Nature" almost finished.

And right about now I'd take any kind of offshore wind. Light, heavy, or even just glass that stops the onshore winds.
tres_arboles said…
wow, that's a helluva run-on sentence. and beautiful writing. makes me feel smallish. presently I'm reading 'Ball Four' by Jim Bouton (classically iconoclastic) and trying to read 'Mindfulness in Plain English' by Gunaratana. It's my lot in life to try and read several books at once and finish each of them all the more slowly. Gonna have to take a look at the new Pynchon and The End of Overeating (sounds interesting whatever it's about!).
pranaglider said…
I always have several books going as well. And a few magizines. And some web stuff. That way I alway have something at hand that I'm in the mood for.
R4TH said…
This skipped my radar-happy to find it here, and now tracked down and in my bag for next week's cabin time-seems like a return to classic pynchon 'crying of lot 49' narrative nutty-ness. cheers.

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