At least the water's warm

Mentawai shot by Brian Nevins courtesy of Surfer's Path

As summer draws to a close

Wait did I just say that?

Let see,

May Gray / June Gloom over months ago - check

4th of July over - check

Huntington contest over - check

Back to School sales in full swing - check

ONE decent swell for the entire summer over - check

Continuous stream of 2 foot wind swell and morning on shore winds - check

So bring on the fall!

The tourist stop coming to the beach in droves

The NW Pacific wakes up from it's summer sleep and throws us some decent swell

The wind, ah the beautiful, wonderful, morning offshore breezes return

So it bring on

but for now

at least the waters warm


pranaglider said…
This time of year is also known as "deep summer". So what do you think?

Late summer, deep summer, early fall, pre-autumn?

Our hottest days are still ahead so I would think a summer reference is still appropriate.

Oh the "dog days" that's where we are!

Funny it wasn't on my map

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