The word for today is Virga!

Frequent and

I can't think of anything to say today so I thought I would update links on my other page

I could wax on about why anyone has or needs two blogs that cover the same topic

but, as we used to say in high school

"let's not but say we did"

So on to the new links

Pendo surfboards - link courtesy of Born To Lose

If you haven't checked out a PendoFlex board you should.

Steve Pendarvis is someone who takes the flex in surfboards seriously.

Drift Online Surf magazine - Lots of good content and the last thing I need is another bitchen print magazine to collect, so that's a big plus.

Raw Waters in Cedar - A beautiful view into the Great North Wet

A Green Surfing Movement - I am a big supporter of the planet and the miscellaneous plants and animals that live on it but don't link to the groups I support. I don't know why.

Ready for the House - I never know exact how to categorize this blog but there's lots of cool stuff to check out. Did I mention he rides a mat?

Pineapple Luv - "Surf, music and fashion. Health and wisdom. Pearls and guns a blazing" Oh and a killer tomato toast receipt.

For a definition of Virga, I'll point you here or you can check out the pictures over at Daly Bread


Jamie Watson said…
Awwwww! Fun post. (-:
Thanks so much for including our Pendo site in your fun post. Many waves to you and Cowa-flexit!

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