He shoots he Scones!

It's come to this

I'm posting pictures of baked goods on my surf blog

(It must be Monday)

But since I stuck to my semi rule about not surfing on the weekends

(because it's impolite that's why)

I decided to make up a batch

Lots of blueberries in the local market this year

The late summer weekend was spent reading and working around the garden

So I have no idea what the local water temperature may be this morning

Usually after the the initial move to the upper 60's or lower 70's the temps

stay semi consistent

with just enough variance to keep your attention

this year after some low 70's we have enjoyed some dips to the mid 50's

and it's been bouncing around for a couple of weeks, slowly recovering

Since I usually don't surf the same place twice in a row it's been an adventure.

I am feeling sleepy this morning so I think I will cut this one short and load the full suit in the car and check the surf.

One more thing

Thomas Threinen is posting some of his "Teachings of Don Redondo" comic strip on his Facebook page.

Totally cool stuff, check it out

(Tom would want me to point out that Drew Kampion writes the stories and that he draws the strip, he's very modest like that. )

Let me say that both parts are equal in telling the story and its the first thing I flip to when perusing the Surfer's Path.

Perhaps the Surfer's Journal could use their publishing prowess to whip up a free standing comic book with all the outstanding "teachings" up to this point.



pranaglider said…
Yes each one has exactly 23 blueberries in it!
Georges ABOLIN said…
got me hungry with this post

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