It's over

nah, you say, trying to deny the truth of the matter,

look at the calendar its only August 24!

The equinox is not for another month!

I'm unimpressed

Yea, but look at the quality of the light.

It's been on the wain for a while now.

And then there's the "back to school" sale.

The phrase hangs in the air like a hangman's noose.

I think its closely related to "life without the chance of parole" really.

But that's it

Game, set, and match


How ever you want to say it

Time marches on and it's truer now than when you started reading this sentence.

But friends,

all is not lost,

I say we are all headed to a better place.

The fall.

Picture from Beard Art a great website you should visit


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