Just three things I want

  1. World Peace
  2. Universal Health Care
  3. Good video of what you can really do with a mat
RK's clip from Hydrodymamica of Mark Thomson has finally given mat riders everywhere something to look at, study and cheer about.

Finally got some good footage of a great rider on a nice wave!

I've seen still shots of this session for a while but the video is just fantastic.

The clip shows Thomson just flying as he winds his way thru some nice right handers.

The backdoor tube ride is my personal favorite but it's really the subtle mat handling that starts to standout the more you watch it.

Some of you may remember Thomson from Ken McKnight's article Matafesto - The Delicate Wind . There are some still shots included in that piece could have been frame grabs from the same day. (Check page 5 of Matafesto)

Some things to think about as you watch the video

This is Mark Thomson surfing his mat five years ago.

Mats and mat surfing, like Mr. Thomson, are constantly evolving.

Makes me wonder what's he's up to right now.

But for now, this clip gives us all something to aspire to.


Quiver said…
As I was watching that video I kept wondering where that wave is. Does anyone know if it's california, Australia, or somewhere else? I have found that, like any other wave riding craft, there are certain kinds of waves that really make the mat turn on. Conversly, there are waves that look good, but the mat doesn't seem to work for them. I don't feel like my mat eyes are skilled yet, but I can see a wave with a softer takeoff, or one that gives the rider a moment or two to gather speed seems to really help the mat. A wave that bottoms out and races away right from the takeoff doesn't work so well on the mat.

Like you said, this video gives mat riders pleanty to think about.
pranaglider said…
Q, I'd guess one of the many fine Australian point breaks.
Anonymous said…

It's Lennox Head, NSW Australia.

Learn to take off earlier. With a good mat, swim fins, technique and fitness you can often catch waves well before they break.
Quiver said…
Thanks Anon. Your comment does give me something to work on by trying to take off earlier. Sticking to my original idea, some waves wont let you in very early, no matter how much fintness (fins + fitness) you have, which was my point about right waves for the mat. I have to admit though that I'm a bit lazy and tend to sit on the inside anyway, which means I end up taking late drops and hoping for the best.
Time to seek out the rolling outsiders that lead to a racing section. :)
borntoloser said…
Three things I want:

- A head high right point in my neighborhood.

- More video of this quality.

- A mat session tomorrow.
pranaglider said…
btl - now thats just crazy talk!

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