So for a while
I have been loving / hating my new running shoes
(although to be clear the shoes don't run but neither do I)

The neon colors that are "IN" this season are not really my cup of tea
(I really don't think of neon as a color, to me it's more of a photoshop effect)

But there was something that I couldn't put my finger on that was making me warm to this colorway

But then one day as I was looking thru the pile in the man cave,

clearly marked


so there you have it

Which brings me back to the title of the post

Decisions decisions


One more thing

The blogger editor  (which has nothing more to do than to keep track of these things, it is after all what computers do) tells me that this is my one thousandth  post.  I read a lot, perhaps too much, into these milestones and lately I've been thinking that I'm done here. So while I ponder these things go outside and enjoy the day.


Congratulations on your post #1000 Prana! We always appreciate your writing and pictures.
With much Aloha, Cher and Steve
Surfsister said…
Congrats, Bruce!

And I'm feeling done too!
Unknown said…
Keep on bloggin, brine brother,
Those fins are classic.
Dr. Lang said…
I enjoy and look forward to reading your daily posts.Always good info and humor across the board!
6ftnperfect said…
I'm glad you didn't stop at 1000 but if you type the word colorway again we may have to put a stop to it! ha!

My goal is start a biking regimen, my knees are shot.
pranaglider said…
6FnP - Funny story I heard them use "colorway" at work and I thought they were just making things up as they go along, which is ok, I'm actually a big believer in that myself but then I looked it up and found out it's an actual word! I had to use it in a blog. If the running doesn't work out this last time I'm jumping on the bike too!

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