you won't like surfing

"If you don't like the ocean

sitting and waiting for a wave to come

up to your neck in cold sea water

while the wind swirls around you.

if that doesn't thrill you to your core

(at least as much as the cold chills you to the bone)

then you won't like surfing"


Unknown said…
So tru, dude. I'll sit in the water for hours, even in the rain, but hate getting wet when i'm cycling!
have an awesome Easter BTW
Piskian said…
Funny,I like all that,but I don't see the point of surfing.Overrated,slow,awkward,pricey,technoweenie,painful and overly exhibitionistic and macho.Matriding,though,is good.
pranaglider said…
Briney, Happy Easter to you too!

Pickian, I think doing something pointless is the point. Maybe having no attachment is a better way to say it
Piskian said…
Perhaps I was being picky.Wish I had attachments to the mat at times!Hope your mum-in-law's alright.

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