my pure sugar little colorful friends

So a part of a total lack of running and yoga (the plan here is to let my body rest and repair)

I have taken to eating my body weight in Easter candy

every day!

All while scouring the internet for articles on Achilles tendon repair.

No two authors agree so I'm on my own

just me and my pure sugar little colorful friends

and an ice pack

PS Don't try this at home! Remember I'm a professional experimenting with my own body on a closed track 


pranaglider said…
The bags of candy are getting smaller the size of the individual bars are smaller still are while the cost goes up. What's is up with that?!
Dr. Lang said…
If you are feeling sugar then have a beer or a bell pepper.As far as the Achilles I've had good luck @ my acupuncturist.Take care.
pranaglider said…
Excellent! I'm telling my wife the Dr. said to have a beer! Woohoo! Excellent point about the acupuncturist I need to talk to Dr. Xin.

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