if I only had some espresso

An odder day than most in some respects

My dear mother-in-law fell yesterday and broke not her hip but her femur.

So as the family, which is to say my wife, rushes around talking to specialists and case workers and making the preliminary arrangements for what we hope will be a short convalescence I find that my best contribution is to give up my car for the day.

Oh and pickup some groceries when the farmers market opens.

Carry on
Eat your vegetables

A good day to rest, reflect and reframe my current status

I am doing a bit of resting up myself as my best efforts seem to have been too much too soon.

My Achilles tendon has put me on notice that it would no longer stand for such foolishness and the galavanting around must stop at once.

(Well "stand" doesn't accurately describe the condition, more a refusal to stretch bend and fold in a cooperative manner with the other muscles and tissues in the surrounding extremity in a way that would allow forward locomotion of the un-limpy variety.)

Either way the message was clear, a vacation, plenty of ice (sounds terrible unless it's cooling a cocktail) and a strict abstinence from the exercises that bring me such pleasure and indeed helps me hang on to the shreds of what I laughingly like to call sanity in this variable reality.

So I'm sitting here, unexercised, uncaffeinated, on the injured reserve list, stoked that it's all only temporary and that I'm an odds on favorite to go out and do to much too soon AGAIN at the earliest opportunity.

And I'm actually quite happy about that too

Now if I only had some espresso


Happy Birthday to Drew Kampion and Robin Thomson


Growling Gecko said…
Aw, Prana. What a bummer mate! You do sound a bit down and I hope things look up soon. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I got a free download from the Surf Network as a pressie and chose come hell or high water!
Surfsister said…
I've got a good foot specialist if you need one. He's up here in L.A., but definitely worth the trip. In fact, my friend went to him for her Achilles issues and says they're finally improving.
KingWaka said…
Plenty of good expresso down my way Prana.....cool pic

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