Have a good week

After all the multicolored chicks, eggs and unicorns you have seen on the inter webs I thought you deserved something different. While we are on the subject why aren't octopuses the official Easter animal? They lay eggs which gives them a leg up on bunnies and they can and do change their own colors un like the eggs you spent all weekend dyeing. Just sayin'

Ample evidence that Spring has sprung was everywhere this last weekend.

Warm air temperatures contrasting sharply with the still chilly water temperatures though.

Then there is this little warning from the NWS


So maybe not time to put away the Winter wear just yet.

I spent the long weekend doing some chores around the house and doing battle with some Easter candy.

I the end I reined supreme and the candy in question is no longer available

I ate it all.

That'll show em.

Running (or perhaps at this point waddling) has been off the schedule for a week as my bloated tendons deflate to their normal dimensions.

I had been skipping yoga as well but something in my candy induced haze led me to the mat for a little asana on Sunday.

I have also  been pounding ginger and turmeric like they have been going out of style. Good stuff!

Since I didn't start today walking like a zombie I'll take that as a good omen. but I will probably waiting on the running for another week.

Have a good week


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