The best part of my day

The best part of my day is leaving the 405 freeway onto the 133 connector road.

I think about turning off on the 133 south which is what the highway folks call Laguna Canyon road and driving to the beach.

All my beach stuff is in the car right?!

I can get a date shake for breakfast and do some body surfing.

Lay on the beach in the sun for a while.

Check out the boards at the Thalia Street surf shop and hang out in town waiting for the tide to change.

Play some Frisbee.

Wouldn't that be nice.

The worst part of the day is when I snap out of the daydream and merge with the other cars as I turn north on the 133 and head away from the beach and go to work.


Good stuff all over!

A nice video of ABS over at Surfmatters! Not to be missed

The films to be included in the San Diego Surf Film Festival have been released!! Check here for the list!

Lots of trailers for the films so surf on over and check it out.


Piskian said…
How far is it to the beach from you,P?Just to get sense of distances over there.Cheers.
pranaglider said…
Piskian, From my house it's about 2 miles or 3 km. From the 133 turnoff it's probably 5 miles but I might as well be a million as I turn and head away from the beach :(

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