Handplane Hoedown

Photo by Jason Hall

Here I am wondering how I got there.  Always the sign of a good ride in the shore break.


Brown Fish is calling for a gathering of the hand plane kind.

Here are the details from the FB post

> San Clemente State Beach
> Date: Saturday, May 5th
> Time: Sunrise to ???

This is not a contest in any way, shape or form. Just a day of fun (ie. Fish Fry) to celebrate the handplane. NO POSTERS, NO BANNERS, NO SALES, NO T-SHIRTS. All word of mouth. This event is for everyone, from the first time garage made handplanes, to the super refined handplanes that are being sold in shops. If you're into the food tray thing, bring that too. There will be representatives with Demo Planes from Hess, Surfcraft Co-op, Enjoy, and Brownfish, plus any and all other company's are welcome to bring handplanes for the masses to try-out. Please spread the word via facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Also, a good old fashioned phone call to your Bro would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds fun!

Photo either Jason or JDub 

While not a food tray I can assure you that fun can be had on various forms of alternative craft. 

I haven't been out and about for a while so I would like to head on down and check this one out.  I don't have a hand plane per se or even a proper food tray I will most likely bring my one handled serving tray. Funny story, the other handle was lost in the famous "I invited the Great Dane to Thanksgiving" fiasco of 89.  Despite it's mellow yellow plasticity it surfs ok. 


Piskian said…
A single sandal or "thong",as those Antipodeans address it,works well as a perfunctory handplane.
Did you know a Frenchman invented the beach sandal?
pranaglider said…
Piskian - I watched a video the other day of a guy ripping just using a thong shoe. Ah the French! the beach sandal, the bikini, I know there is a debate about champagne but still good stuff!
Piskian said…
His name was Fillipe Fillope.
Our own Cornish sparkling,Camel Valley Brut,regularly trounces champagne in blind tasting.Get on it!!

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