I want it to be Summer!

Strike that

I need it to be Summer!

I'd like to thank John van Hamersveld for creating the image above.
For a lot of us, this is THE summer poster
(If it only had a mat)

I want to have no idea where my booties are

and if I were to come across them they would be bone dry!

I want to follow a storm and a swell and not think if we are going to get too much wind and rain with it

I want to have my doctor say, "Prana (yes he calls me Prana) you seem to be missing patches of hair on your body. I only mention it because it really sticks out, otherwise you're hairy as a hamster". (God Bless 'em but he doesn't surf.) I explain that the patches on my chest are missing because I spend time paddling on a waxed board. Sitting on the board takes the hair off the my legs. There is no more hair on my feet because of the rubber fins. At my last physical, on the form under the section for feet he wrote "feet appear normal for a adult male Hobbit". Doc is a real pill!

I want to wake up to blinding light in the morning

I want to wear my small fins, the ones that fit only when I'm not wearing booties

I want to go to sleep when it's dark and 78 degrees out

I want to wear my long armed spring suit just for the sun protection

I want to wake up at first light and have it be 78 degrees out already

I want my local traffic to be so horrendous that the only reasonable way to get to the beach is by bicycle and that's what I proceed to do. Pedal to beach, park right in front and jump into the water.

I want to wear the same trunks and flip flops again for 56th days in a row

I want the only clothing decision I've made in weeks to be, should I reapply sun block again?

I want to wear welding goggles all day because it's so bright outside

I want to have forgotten where all my closed toe shoes are

I want my pollen allergies to act up horribly from all the flowers blooming because I know the best cure is rinse my sinuses with salt water, not from a neti pot but by taking off deep, way to deep.

I want to sleep on the beach

I want to have a reliable geyser of salt water tucked away in my sinuses only awaiting for me to look down for a stream of water to erupt

I want to have a sunburn on my sunburn


Steve PP said…
Me too! ( to all of the above!!)
pranaglider said…
Steve, We are all in the summer boat together! Nice paintings by the way.

Everyone feel free to why you want it to be summer here in the comments.
You stole my thoughts. I want crusty, salty eyelashes. Cruising on my bike next to stopped traffic is one of the greatest feelings ever!
pranaglider said…
AHttD - It is one of my favorites too! Everyone packed in their cars and we get to glide right past em!

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