There are some mornings when it's just too scary to open the links at the National Weather Service

(at least before I'm sufficiently caffeinated)

The big swell plus offshore event I was hoping for turned out to be swell with side shore winds.

oh well.

Somewhere is was good and for those of you that hunted it down, congratulations

That said the weather although "hazardous" does look nice for those of you that have Spring Break this week.

I kinda like the old format where everyone from first grade thru college was off at the same time, everywhere was crowded and of course the weather was perfect.

If you would like to help out Micheal Peterson's mom  this link to Switch Foot  takes you to the page they set up to accept contributions on her behalf.


Piskian said…
On another wave,,have a read of Mark Spragg's "Where Rivers Change Direction".Out-Hemingways Papa...and makes me want to head for Wyoming.

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