Going Pro

As it's been pointed out in the popular trades that there are pro surfers and free surfers and then there are the rest of us.

Pro's and Free's apparently make gobs of money (that would be gobs spelled somehow with an "M" as in millions for a multi year contract)  for advertising the brand as much as surfing. I can't really blame either group. I would rather be checking my bags through to Indonesia or even checking out the local beach break than driving to work on the 405 Monday thru Friday.

Since it seems that I will never be a Pro or a Free I will just have to amuse myself as best as I can.

Que sera sera

Part of that "amusing myself" thing has been my past two attempts to start running on a regular basis. I have gone down in flames the past two times but I am coming up on number three and as it is well known "third times the charm". Both of the previous tries ended up with injuries and I thought it best to fully recover before I continued on.  This time I will run the meager mileage that everyone tells me I should start with and slowly increase distance as my body adapts. Ok good I can do that. But when I say start with a short distance and slowly increase it I mean slow like "the unnecessarily slow-moving dipping mechanism" in the Austin Powers movie. Imagine someone telling you that you can surf for only 15 minutes a day then next week we will let you increase it by ten percent. That's right folks if you are good and nothing falls off you can run for another 90 seconds a day all next week!

You have to be kidding me.


pranaglider said…
I want it to be summer
It seem like just yesterday I could not run 1/2 a mile straight without feeling like I was gonna die. I started out with a run till I could not and then walk then run and then walk. I would say OK I am gonna run to the corner no ifs ands or buts about it. THAT was 4 years ago. NOW I can run a full 5 miles without stopping. Patience and perseverance my freind. A little at a time and you will be running in no time =)
Brine Time said…
Always entertaining, monsieur matteus. Cross training is another option. You let one group of muscles - say legs - rest and instead say exercise the arm muscles with smallish repetitive weights.

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