Riders on the Storm

I'm enjoying a cup of coffee this morning
A change from my usual yerba mate
because rain and coffee just seem to go together

You could say "Hey, it's not raining yet! The winds quit last night and the storm was delayed"
But we here at the massively sprawling 23B world headquarters
we like to be on the edge, ahead of the curve, the vanguard if you will.

So with that in mind we present Riders on the Storm

A song from the Doors 1971 album LA Woman

It reached number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 here in the states.

Today alternative lyrics provided by none other that our very own Valerie!

Sweatpants in your car (dum da dum dum dum)
When you're surfin' near and far (dum da dum dum dum)
Take off your wetsuit there (da da, da da)
You'll stick to your underwear (dum da dum dum dum)
When your butt is cold and wet commandos are the best
Sweatpants in your car!

*This was the last song recorded by the members of The Doors, as well as Morrison's last recorded song to be released. The single was released in 1971, shortly before Morrison's death, entering the Hot 100 on 3 July 1971, the day that Morrison died.


Val (again, sorry!) said…
Thanks Bruce!
Unknown said…
Interesting and evocative as always. BIG thanks for your efforts

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