We have a winner!

Product photography will never be my forte but I liked the plants and the shadows.

As many of you may know I spend entirely too much time "surfing" the internets.

During one of these marathon sessions I happened across a contest by Kevin Short.

You have probably seen his work as he has created a beautiful collection of paintings of Trestles done in the plein air style. Really amazing work see more at his website here

I didn't exactly win but Kevin took pity on me and offered to gift me with a item from his collection.

A close up so you can get a better look at the shirt and the shadows

The shirt arrived in short order (no pun intended) and I was struck by it's beauty, it simplicity and the fact that the graphic was on the back.

I only mention this as the current convention is to have the graphic on the front of t-shirts and nothing on the back. T-shirts have always been favored among surfers but during the early years of surfing t-shirts were often plain white or solid colors. Broad stripes were in for a while.  When graphics were introduced, usually as a promotional item for a contest or to advertise a surf shop a large graphic would appear on the back of the shirt with a smaller graphic on the front pocket. Maybe the graphics are alive and have moved on their own accord to see were the wearer is going. Perhaps the t-shirt makers preferred the large logo placement on the front. Either way. Front pockets have all but disappeared, the graphics have migrated to the front of the shirt and the optimal t-shirt has gone from a thick cotton Penncrest to a ultra thin cotton import. Things change. 


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