Bad Backs Big Feet

So if you have keeping up with the comments
(you have haven't you?)

You are aware that Greyman and I have been discussing fins

He even included a link of the Techs versus Da Fin from over at

UK Mat Surfers to give me a feel for their relative size.

So in the interest of Global Matting Relations (GMR) I fell the need to shoot and fling a photo back

I definitely need to seriously look into Da Fins.

So how do I end this post?

A. Check my twitter feed for more photos! (Cheap shot at Senator Weiner I know but hey)

B. Greyman, Mom and Dad are fine and wonder why you don't write

C. After taking the photo I entered the rest of the post wearing my fins at the computer, which was fine until I stood up, caught a fin tip on the rug fell and broke my arm.


Anonymous said…
has it been pointed out that you mat guys are weird?
Prana, Are you OK, we hope your mention of a broken arm was in humor. 'Hope that you're all right!
It was interesting to see the different fin shapes/templates.
pranaglider said…
Steve and Cher, I'm find but to all you kids out there. No running in the house with fins on!

Anon, Yep Weird and World Wide!
Whooot! yes sir!
Anonymous said…
I was wondering if the length of the fin would be an issue. So sorry to hear that you broke your arm! Have you had a chance to try them out in the water? I would love to hear the final verdict on these shorter fins. I have the duck fins and a pair of Churchills.
pranaglider said…
Dear Rad Mom, The arm is ok so no worries. My experience has been that the longer fins provide more forward thrust but you have to put more muscle into it. The shorter fins are easier to "kick" but you get less forward motion. I suggest the "mirror test". Stand in front of a mirror, if you have tree trunks growing from your torso go with the longest and stiffest fins you can find. You will kick less but be able to generate sufficient forward motion. If you have toothpicks extending down from your body look into the shorter fins and kick more often. No matter which fin you choose, once you are on the wave it doesn't matter (much).
misterdirk said…
I recv'd a pair of Da Fins a few weeks ago from, but only tried them once. They're neat fins -- good thrust, comfortable. I got Size Large for my 11 Wide feet, and it's a secure snug fit. I'd been wearing my UDTs and Duckfeet for literally decades, so Da Fins felt really short at first, especially on the surface. When my kick was more submerged, the thrust felt more substantial. Kind of obvious, I guess. The biggest difference was the way it altered my center of gravity on the mat, which will take some getting used to. Looking forward to using them some more.
pranaglider said…
Mr. Dirk, I have noticed that too. The UDT's are bigger and heavier fins and change the CoG around a bit. I ride more forward on the mat with the heavier fins. JJ, my regular matting pardner uses the DaFins and really likes them. I look forward to trying a pair soon.
Growling Gecko said…
Yep I had the same issue with COG when I tried the DaFins out. It was a critical issue and secondly only to the lack of thrust. It seems that if you have whopping big feet and need a big pair of DaFins they might do the job, but if you have delicate little beggars like mine which only need a medium sized fin then no comparison to the usual UDTs. Fortunately, said feet are attached to the legs of a highlander, tree trunks in Pran's parlance, so the longer and heavier fins are not a problem. My DaFins have sat unused ever since I tested them that one time. I would like to try some Duck Feet at some time though as I like the colours!
pranaglider said…
Ramsnake - Thanks for throwing in your 2 cents. Am I correct in that Duckfeet are generally unavailable in OZ?
Anonymous said…
First time I tried my DA's 2 hours in the water stupidly without fin sox's cut my feet up badly and I am still carrying the scars but I loved them, I would normaly use my customised Duck Feet but had them nicked in Barbados this year!loads of thrust and not to heavy,I have now got to send to the US for a new pair.
Using churchill makupu's at the moment for kneeboarding great fin but a massive differances between L, and XL in size XL nearly as big as the Ducks!but all work great with the Mat.
Wow, nothing in that... Flattering too!

As I think I mentioned elsewhere, Big Bu (XXL) are like a completely different fin to the other sizes. Jay Reale suggested similar drive.

WHEN you get some, they will be much too long for your feet so the heels need padding, but the fin pockets are relatively narrow so XXL is just right for people with feet like ours Prana.



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