An arm full of towels

Graham at the last meet. Photo by Ken Samuels or maybe Dirk could be Jason too

I have been trying to come up with a name for a bunch of mats

and the gathering there of for a while

with little to no success

The mat meet will have to do (I've even tried spelling it Mat Meat for a lest a bit of levity but it still doesn't work for me)

Whatever you call it, there will be one this Sunday.  Everything you want to know is here at Surfmatters.

The idea is to have multiple gathers though out the year

They are always fun so stop by if you can.

Enjoy the day


misterdirk said…
It seems like it should be something airy. A wisp of mats? A froth of mats? A huff? Let's keep working on this one.
Vyusher La Kali said…
A MURDER OF MATS. C'mon. That was too easy.
Vyusher La Kali said…
That scene from 2010 is inspirational too, the one when all the monoliths start appearing and consuming Jupiter... Heavens, just N of XXX, :P would be a cool spot to stand a mat up in the sand and shoot a monolith homage at sunset.
misterdirk said…
We could all grovel and pound sand around it, then throw bones up in the air. I'm feelin' this.
pranaglider said…
Mister D, I liked a huff but then a raft of mats is very good too!

Vyusher La Kali - A Murder of Mats does have a certain poetry but the Crows already have that group title and you don't want to mess with the crows!

Jonathan says he's in and you three need to get together and talk movie / camera / aquaman backpack filmster talk.

(I will skip it and wait for the DVD)
Vyusher La Kali said…
It would be great. There's gotta be some good scenery we could exploit with no onlookers around N LA. Could shoot it Kubrick style and add the soundtrack. It would look really good. "DAWN OF MAT" hahaha
pranaglider said…
sounds great!

I have been thinking about a zombie surf matter film really
Anonymous said…
Gloomy Marine Layer...Mat Zombies...Wouldn't be falling far from the tree...

MF said…
A BUNCH - like balloons. Mmmmmm....can you get helium into them? Wonder what that would do.
Oliver Curtis said…
A quick look at synonyms for mat comes up with "tangle, twist, twine, snarl " ??
Or a 'Class'
or a Skittle ?
or a Flex of Mats ?
A Squeeze of mats ?
A Flop of mats ?
A Riddle of mats ?
A Puncture of mats ?
A Repair of Mats ?
A Prick of Mats ?
A fall of Mats ? As in Fall-line...
Anonymous said…
a sum of mats.

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