Oh really? Do I now

In my email this morning was a piece of business spam demanding that I have a mobile strategy.  First thing I thought of was,  "well you know I walk everyday at lunch and stuff". As the morning fog cleared I realized they meant a mobile phone strategy which is of course ludicrous here at 23B. (Someone does check the blog by iPad on a regular basic, and I'm dying to know, how's it look?) But hey, junk mail is important stuff and there must be a grain of truth in it somewhere.

Besides it gives me a chance to run this

A very cleaver commercial, simple in concept really, a tad tedious to set up and film but a beautiful spell-binder (I know it's a commercial but for what?) The music is Bach's Cantata 147, "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring."

BTW I searched for the phone (it's a really good commercial) and it's more a prototype thing as far as I can figure.  The phone is housed in recovered cypress and as many as 15000 units may be sold.

Now back to my back to my normal mobile strategy which is to move down the beach because the peaks look less crowded down there.


Piskian said…
Shall I grab you one when I go back to Japan for New Year?!NHK(Japan's PBS) has great kids segment called Pitagora Switch with similar sequences!
Brine Time said…
makes me want to go out and chop me up some lumber - well at least get a phone BRILLIANT mousetrap will never be the same Japanese Honda did something similar in an auto kind of way

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