Ladies and Gentlemen

and Children of the Sun!

the 2011 Summer Solstice is upon us!

So if you are looking for your summer clothes in the back of the drawer

or digging out your favorite sweater, also in the back of the drawer,

how do they do that?

I bind you good tidings!

As it turns out the earth does circle the sun

and not the other way around as you may have been led to believe!1!

So take a moment to do,

to do whatever you would like to do

but do it with your full attention.

In six months it will almost be Christmas.

In other news, rumors of a mat meet in the LA area are filling the coconut wireless (and my email in box)

As soon as there's swell (and if you look out the back things are definitely stirring) we will meet for what looks like one of several mat meets in SoCal this summer.


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