Late Night and Early Morning Low Clouds again

and again, and again and again

for this neck of the woods, June means

fog and sprinkles

no not that kind of sprinkles

The it's-not-raining-but-I-have-my-wipers-on-all-the-way-to-work-anyway kind of sprinkles

Technically this could be called rain but that would be insulting to the real rain so I just call it sprinkles.

By noon it's hot and sunny until you get within a couple of miles from the beach,

Original Photo by Jason Hall "Photoshopped" with Gimp if that's possible

where it is still foggy with a side order of wind

But never fear the summer Solstice is next week!


rspeer said…
Thanks, it`s Thursday and I`m still singing little snippets of Zappa songs because of your Monday posting.
pranaglider said…
BB - Thanks. My job here, blogging on the internet it complete! (Eddie are you kidding...)

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