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Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Mat Meet Moments

I gave the camera a good shaking and the following dropped out.

Is seems like no matter what I do the images load themselves in exactly the reverse order than what I would prefer. 

As an example, this is one of the last images taken on the road towards home. Heading south along PCH stuck in traffic the sign on the side of the road says "Construction Ahead Expect Delays". Thanks for the heads up. 
I don't Love LA.

The meet was covered by all manner of visual recording device.

A muggle of matters on land. You rarely see the beasts on land. They only beach themselves to eat, take care of business and talk about photo equipment.

The kids had a blast and spent the day exploring the beach.

Watching the magic.

Setting up the video alter.

The rock dance. I hate you.

Mateo gifted me with a couple of his tomato plants!

Someone cutting back! I would like to thank my wife for taking these pictures. She is quite the photographer. She has also cut off more heads than the Tower of London.

JJ showed up along with his wife and daughter.  He made that mat himself. Rides it good too.

Beautiful country. This is what California is supposed to look like. Without all the condos and strip malls and stuff.

The viewing area. My wife prefers full shade on trips to the beach.  I tend to treat my skin like I BBQ. That is I ignore the whole thing until I smell something burning.

Dirk and Jonathan.  

From the shadows I'd say mid day in the viewing area.


The locals were very friendly but not very talkative.

So that's it for me. I'm tapped out on pixels. 

Which means we need another mat meet!

I'm thinking about the south side of Huntington Pier after they do the black ball thing and send the hard board surfers to the north side.

Who's in?


Surfsister said...

I'm in!

Ramsnake said...

Nice to see some pics providing a wider view of what happened that day.

Ramsnake said...

Oh and love that mat of JJ's!

Mateo said...

Yes ! its only a 25 minute drive for US! (JoshB, ChrisB, Mattitude, ChadB, ChadS and myself)

pranaglider said...

SurfSista - I figured! This weekend it's a zoo, next weekend may have swell maybe the one after that too. HB is funner with a mixed swell a big pure south just drags you thru the pier.

Ramsnake - How cool is it to make and ride your own mat? Very.

Mateo - Deep behind the Orange Curtain

Vyusher La Kali said...

Gotta get on the Malibu Canyon express to the 101. PCH on the weekend is a nightmare! Mat meet HB! OK!

Glenn said...

The newb is in!

Val said...

I'd love it! Just let me know when!