Just wanted to say Thanks again

First to arrive and the last to leave - Maria, Ken, Mary and Dirk

The pictures and video turned out fantastic!  I think I speak for everyone in thanking you all for your efforts arraigning the meet and then spending no small amount of time documenting and editing the raw footage.


Ramsnake said…
Yep an awesome effort! Fantastic mat riding expo! Might just get a few more thinking to themselves.… Gee, I might just give that a go!
Yeah seconded. I'm so stoked on this. Can't keep off the video. Good work again to all.


misterdirk said…
Everybody gets a pat on the back, for doing it together. What stokes me the most about filming mat meets is documenting this little cultural florescence which is going on. All the shared enthusiasm feels great. We're joyful in our love of the ocean and riding waves on surfmats.

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