Good weekend Rudyard? Good weekend Frydor!

Murphy by Griffin

A good weekend as it turned out.

First the "purple weather" that was forecast for Sunday held off a day the weather in SoCal was fantastic!

I celebrated by offering my flesh and I haven't been this sunburned in years.

Sundays surf conditions also cooperated and although it was a tad walled up the surf was at least good enough for a paddle around.

Saturday turned out to be the Rummage Sale weekend of the year and I am now the proud owner of enough books to keep me busy thru the next ice age.

Raymond Chandler - The Big Sleep -
John Steinbeck - Sweet Thursday
Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Books
Victor Hugo - The Toilers of the Sea
Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe
Frydor Dostoevsky - The Brother Karamazov
John Steinbeck - The Moon is down
Will and Ariel Duran - Four of the eleven volume series "The Story of Civilization"
We already had a couple of the set so we are close to the full Monty on that one, I wonder if Will and Ariel ever thought anyone would refer to their lives work as the full Monty? 

and thats just part of my pile...

Two things come to mind 

What did these people keep in their library when they jettisoned so many classics


who names their kids Rudyard and Frydor?


Piskian said…
Glad you appreciate Chandler.Kinky Friedman and Robert B Parker are worthy guardians of the genre.
pranaglider said…
Piskian - I totally forgot about Kinky Friedman! Which is hard to do. Thanks for the tip

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