So much fun!

The God's smiled on the matters and blessed us with abundant sunshine, building swell and a draining tide.

Photo by my sweetie

Blow this one up and see how many matters you can count, that got to be a record!

Thanks to SurfSister for making the call and everyone who attended for bringing their stoke plus some to share.

More pics and movies up at Surfmatters with more to follow at the usual places


Mateo said…
i think that inside wave, coming from the other side of the rock, went unridden all day... outside was too good..
Good stuff. Looking forward to the video.

pranaglider said…
Mateo, There were a lot of unexplored options! Thanks again for the tomatoes.

G, There were at least five different photographers working (we are nothing if not well documented) and I'm sure pics with be coming out for days/weeks.

I for one, can't wait to see what I saw with my glasses on. Everything looks like a Monet to me out in the water.
Growling Gecko said…
You and I alike Prana. Water lilies everywhere out there!
pranaglider said…
Ramsnake, It used to bother me but I have learned to relax about it and enjoy. Just don't expect me to wave and shout your name from 20 feet away.
Surfsister said…
For the first time since I began surfing, I went without my contacts while in the water. This was last week. I was happily surprised to see that I had no trouble spotting waves. However, I had no idea who any of the blurry people saying "Hello" to me were.
john said…
wow a photo of secas, secos, arroyo sequit, leo carillo, whatever you want to call it without a boardrider in sight!!!! that's amazing!!!!

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