I love surf shops

Growing up in Huntington Beach, it was always a short trip to fiberglass heaven.

Each shop had it own vibe, it's own shaper(s) cranking out its own take on the trends of the day and how they might best be exploited and the local surf spot.

In Huntington, it was all of that and more cranked up to 11 on a Saturday night. All Summer Long.  HB benefited from a seemingly direct connection to Hawaiian surf influences, a decent break right out in front, a crew of hot locals, a continuous supply of bikini clad visitors and enough nefarious characters to keep things interesting.

Just being a wee lad and being on the honor roll and all, I myself didn't directly become involved in any questionable activities but like everywhere else, people do things, say things, take things and give things and then everyone talks about it for as long as it takes for some else to come up with something that tops it. I used to leave the party early, still bright eyed and bushy tailed so I could surf early the next morning. Consequently every conversation I had in high school started with " You won't believe what happened at the party after you left!" .

The shops were the center of all this activity right along with their other duties of selling wax to the locals and harassing the tourists.

Although I am well out of the loop these days I still can't resist walking thru the door nodding to the crew and checking out the boards.

Some things never change.

That said another in the grand tradition of surf movies out back on a hot summer night is taking place at Long Beach local surf shop Shelter Surf Shop this Saturday night.

Up in the Newport Mesa area is the second anniversary party for the local Almond Surfboards shop

A testament to both of these shops that even in a down economy they have been able to thrive.


Val said…
So if i understand this right, Jamie Budge will actually BE there Saturday night?
pranaglider said…
Yes Val I believe that's correct.

Graham this would be a good time to kick in

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