Mat Meet 2011

I have been
pushed into a corner
roughed up
and set straight

The Mat Meet 2011 will go on
as unplanned
It, indeed, must
go on
in order to fill the incredible,
yet strangely inedible
void of longing
and the
human potential
in all of us

So what?
We wait
The official Mat Meet 2011 countdown has begun!

Photo by Jason Hall

The waiting period
for the appropriate planetary alignments
in addition to favorable conditions of sun/swell/tide
has begun
mark it on the calendar

We are waiting for the surf to be right
right now
right on

So watch the conditions
like a slightly used croc pot on the next installment of "Pickers"
conditions are everything
we will, we must wait our turn

Look for the words
"warming trend" in the newspaper
in reference to the weekend weather
coupled with the highly sought after
"combo swell" in the
swell touting
surf forecasting
business web sites

Some of you,
you know who you are
will receive
hand engraved
gilded and bejeweled
by homing pigeon

The rest of us will hear it here

So be prepared
I suggest
in your
and keeping
a mat
by the door

If this doesn't work  we'll be firing up the Tardis and just go back to last year


misterdirk said…
Make it so. I'm looking forward to being there!
23 Breaths said…
Photo credits all photos definately Dirk Brandt, Jason Hall or Ken Samuels.
Surfsister said…
LOL!! You're cracking me up with the photo credits. Ken took those. I only know because I spent hours looking at the mat meet photos he took last year. I know all of them!

If the mat meet is on a Saturday, I"m doomed. Pray for Sunday spur of the moment mat meets!

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