23rd Annual Mat Meet and Love-In

We all had a great time at the mat meet
but still
things can always be improved on

We changed the location from a left semi point break to a right semi point break
We relocated from southern Orange county to northern Los Angeles county

Some people missed the lefts and had to improvise.  
Photo by Mrs. Prana

Next up I think we can take a page from the book of contests
and punch things up a bit.
The page I have in mind
doesn't call for surfing
the largest wave
the longest wave ,
although there is nothing wrong with that.

Heaven help anyone that suggests a format
that results in the
three turns to the beach
cluster judging format

The page in the book I'm thinking about comes
from the greatest surf contest ever...
The Stone Steps Invitational!

Here have a look

We can get away from the water bottles, that one is easy
Cell phones, well no cell phones that's just crazy
No Tattoos,  I'm afraid that ship has sailed
(I'm sketching out my new Sun Gold cherry tomato tattoo as we speak)

The rest is easy

BTW more footage of the meet is over at Surfmatters


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