I mentioned that in addition to riding my mat on Sunday I pulled out the hand plane.

The waves were shoulder high, a little walled and some of the sets went on forever!

After having a go with the mat I thought the plane would be a good call.  I could catch a few more corners and dodge the sets.

This hand plane is a little larger than most

The advantage is I can sit on it when I get outside and it actually floats me with my head above water.

Surfing the large plane is a two handed affair (outside hand on the handle and inside hand monitoring the inside rail) and it keeps me in an extended body position which I find advantageous.

Everyone else was on standup hardboards (long, short and SUP) and I didn't envy them the chore of hauling their equipment and their carcass out thru the sets.

Sometimes it's just fun to surf with a little as possible and just have fun being in the water, playing with the waves.


Sweeeet! Tis a whopper!

Any reason you use techs with it?

pranaglider said…
Usually I wear Voit Duckfeet, last Sunday I switched over to the UDT's when I took the hand plane out. I lost one of my techs but I liked the fins, nice an wide footbox. I wish they made a tech with a longer blade though. May try some "Da Fins" when I get some extra money.
Yay for Da Fin!

What size feet are you Prana? I use the XXL Big Bu and they look a similar size to the cut-down Duck Feet that I can't remember the name of right now.

Everyone else's smaller Da Fins look like different fins all together!

Unknown said…
Top post, my man. Was thinking "is that alittle chair or a big plane?" Did I miss something? What's it made out of? Imagine aGo Pro on he front facing outwards GG-style?
pranaglider said…
GMAN - My feet are 10.5 that's 45 in the EU but they are WIDE. The duck feet are reasonably wide but I'm always looking for a fin with a bigger foot box.

Briney, The plane is a biggy it seems to be heavy plastic with foam injected into it. My son got it in a raffle and gave it to me. It would be PERFECT with a GoPro mounted on it! That is definitely the plan I just need to get enough money ahead to afford the little bugger. I would love to share the view with you all.
We share feet as well as a back then Prana. :) The Big Bu model is perfect then but needs padding on the strap. Here are mine:


You can see the size compared to Techs. If you do get some, they feel weird at first, like they're hanging off the end of your toes, but you quickly get used to it.

Very light!

Unknown said…
I must have some shots of the yellow plane surfing, I'll try and dig'm and share for your files prana.


pranaglider said…
Thanks Jason,I'm not entirely sure but I think you have only missed a couple of things here and there swell wise. Enjoy Paradise!

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