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I haven't posted this one in a while

Just what everyone wants to see, deep tube rides on a mat.

Thinkmat made his own backpack camera harness to capture these images on film.

The original camera equipment malfunctioned and JJ has been retrofitting the pack to accept a new camera setup.

The camera, water housing and backpack sitting on top of Thinkmat's mat, yes he made that too!
That's the hand held actuator dangling into the sand on the left.



Piskian said…
Awesome.Matting hard enough already without one of those strapped on,and getting a steady beautiful image.Inspiring!
Aye cheers for posting that Prana. I tried the back view thing at the MM3 but the waves weren't up to much. Definitely will again.

pranaglider said…
Thinkmat's a genius

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