Five Summer Stories

Five Summer Stories came out just a couple of years (1972) after Pacific Vibrations (1970) and although some of the footage was shot during the same Hawaiian winters you can see advancements being made in rail and rocker designs. While the pin tails are still a little sticky off the top they were riding in the tube just fine.  (I think they were thinning out the tails a little more) You can also see a surf mat about 50 seconds in during the babies, dogs and bikini shots.

The Five Summer Stories used local band HONK do the sound track, which did well commercially and you can still see the band play live.

Rick Griffin did great posters for both.


pranaglider said…
I should have put a warning on this one. The Honk music is extremely catchy and you'll probably be humming it all day. "Get up every morning at the crack of dawn, jump in the water, roll around on the lawn..."
PG said…
Surfing without leashes was a completely different sport...

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