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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surf Meet 2011

Photo by Ken, Jason or Dirk, I'm not sure

I've been thinking about organizing another Mat Meet this summer.

The idea of having multiple mat gatherings up and down the coast has been thrown out there and I think it has merit. When we just have one day we always miss a bunch of people who would love to attend but can't because the date we pick just doesn't work.

So I am looking for comments, options, feedback and most importantly assistance from any of you so inclined.

Do YOU have WHAT IT TAKES to be a bona fide MAT MEET ORGANIZER?

Do you have intimate knowledge of a local spot that breaks during the summer and would make a good "mat  wave"? (I have no idea what a good "mat wave" is BTW, but you should)

Does said spot have parking, dining facilities, bathrooms, and accommodations for matters that want to make a weekend out of it?

Will your spot accommodate a medium sized influx of non local matters? (perhaps the best flash crowd ever!) who are these guys???

Can you, through the power of will and mind alone, cause the seas to rise, the wind to quit and the sun to shine?

Oddly enough surfing ability or prior mat experience doesn't matter a wit!

Then you may have what it TAKES!

Serious inquires in the comment section below


Surfsister said...

My favorite matting spot requires a hike and has no bathrooms. A lot of folks (okay, men) go up and handle their business off in the bushes somewhere. There's also limited parking. Oh!! And the wave starts dying in the summer.

Okay, never mind. I'm a follower, not a leader. I'll just follow the matting crowd, as opposed to madding crowd. I'm down to follow unless I can think of another good spot in L.A.

pranaglider said...

Matt Pierce over on the 23B facebook side of the world has suggested a "23B camping trip!" to which I suggested SanO mostly because I don't get out much. But I can think of a couple of other places which can't be named that would fit the bill...

GRAYMAN said...

I'll run some!



pranaglider said...

G, I would love you run some. The UK meets go off like clock work every other weekend!

Tom Kraushaar said...

Free parking
good surf
grassy park for bbq
buccaner beach in oceanside
this summer

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

plasket- sand dollar!

pranaglider said...

Tom, I be down that way soon I'll check it out! Thanks

HNE, Free!