Really wasn't expecting much

The swell was rumored to have dropped off

and the offshore wind prediction

well, I have learned, over the years that what I mean by offshore and what the weather service means by offshore can be two very different thins

But hope springs eternal

My back was in much better shape

(thanks to some good advise from Ramsnake and Michelle)

JJ had emailed me that he would be there

So I made the trip down to the local break

It was perfect


MF said…
So glad you to hear you are back out there. That is one impressive (and very fast?) wave!
dogleg said…
crazy outa character devil winds in may!
very cool.
pranaglider said…
MF-The picture is something I found on the internet. But it looked closest to what looked like today. Offshores turn everything into perfection!
Jason-Surfed HQ on a combo swell with offshores. I used to have someone that took pictures that I would then borrow and post.
dogled-Very odd for this time of year indeed. I usually associate NE winds with Thanksgiving and Christmas but not with the Easter Bunny. But I'll take it!
Jason Hall said…
HA! You "used" to have someone that you'd kype photos from? Check your April 11th post!

And NO credit either.

No wonder I moved outa respect.

(insert I'm just busting yer chops emoticon)

"Aloha brother" ~ pooch

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