19 20 42 56 58 and the bonus number 23 !

This may be my last post so listen up!

It's been an action packed few hours, since I won the lottery last night, 230 million!

That's a lot of mats and fins!

I was quietly pondering the future when a real estate agent called out of the blue. I was sort of irritated that I could be found so soon by what would be a long line of people wanting money.

Deciding that the best defense is a good offense, (I read that somewhere) I made inquires about certain bluff top properties in San Diego.

By 2am I had closed on three adjoining estates overlooking Bird Rock.

The existing structures will be demolished by next Tuesday and will be replaced by a tent and one of those emergency slides from an airplane. I will be able to jump on the slide at the top of the cliff and be dropped off just out side the break!

I was getting into the swing of things. I realized that the stores are never closed. If you have cash.

As I was being driven south I asked the driver to pull over at one of my favorite surf shops in OB. My head was spinning and I needed a moment. I have always loved surf shops and have spent untold hours just feeling rails and pulling boards out of the rack to sight down the bottom and check the concaves.  But now it struck me, I didn't need to browse any more.  I walked in, looked at the Brewer hanging from the ceiling, looked at the clerk and said, "I'll take them all" then turned and walked next door for a cup of coffee.  I wanted to check out my new properties as the sun came up and I find that I don't have the patience to waste time dawdling with the vulgarities of commerce.

So as I head south to warmer waters I hope you enjoy the rest of your April!

PS Stop by some time and I'll let you pet my elephant


Sarah O'Brien said…
Love your work :) Come check out my blog? :D
Dirty Hippy said…
haa you could start your own Surf Safari's with elephant rides!

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