83 Photos

National Geographic wanted to take a picture of a redwood tree.

It took a crew over a year and the final photo is a composite of 83 separate photos.

In an earlier post I mentioned I was thinking about getting a  tomato tattoo.

Forget that! I'm going for the whole enchilada.

Sequoia sempervirens on both calfs!


Growling Gecko said…
And what a worthy pair of calves they are upon which a pair of very large and mighty Sequoias can be placed!
Growling Gecko said…
We have big trees here in Australia too. There was a Eucalyptus Regnans in Tasmania that is reputed to have been 114 metres high. Over here in the West, we have the Karri, which surround my current home, and the Tingle found in Walpole, near here, which still live even when their bases are burnt quite hollow, both of which grow well over 90 metres.
pranaglider said…
I've been fascinated by redwoods since I read Richard Preston's "The Wild Trees" http://www.richardpreston.net/books/wt.html

In the book he talks about going to climb the Eucalyptus' in Australia.

Anton said…
Didn't know that about Australian trees- used to live in Santa Cruz and always heard that redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. Is there some debate about this? Wish we had some big trees here... everything is small in Okinawa.

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