It must be Summer...

'Cause Shelter is having a party!

3 Bands, Art And a Food Truck out Back.. 
4th St Vine is Serving Beverages!!

April 30th - 8pm sharp!

Come our and join them for the kick off of the “Shelter Party Season”

2148 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA 90814

*Forecasts call for offshore winds over the weekend so if I'm late go ahead and start the party without me.  

If there is wind and if I do make it to the Shelter event (I'm a well known recluse, although being "well known" and a "recluse" do seem to be at cross purposes don't they? ), and so if I am not be able to lift my arms due to the fatigue from paddling lets just suspend the normal hand shaking, chest bumping "bro greetings" normal associated with meeting people at social events. Kay?   Also I would expect, given the wind forecast, that there will be SIGNIFICANT NASAL DRAINAGE** from the sudden and unexpected conclusion of waves in the "tube", "cover up" and "sick barrel" riding position, so anyone down slope from the drainage site should be forewarned.

**SIGNIFICANT NASAL DRAINAGE © is my new punk band and any attempts to use the name for public or private use will result in the release of my savage pack of barristers about the head and shoulders of your legal personage.  


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