10 Things to do this before summer in SoCal

I have been dreaming about Summer for some time now

But there are a couple of things to do before "Summer" officially hits the beach in force.

Remember that appointment I told you to make with your dermatologist last fall?

Yeah well my appointment wasn't until last Friday so we won't quibble.

But go!

I know you are saying, "Prana, dude I check!"

No. No you don't check, at least not very well and not with the skill of a good dermatologist.

So go!

Make matching appointments with your significant other

I'm sorry to be sexist but the chicks dig it

Trust me on these things, I'm old

Make a family appointment and get lunch /dinner afterward and make an event out of it

Do it for me, I need all the readers I can get.

Besides this is serious and you aren't going to read this in the mags (even the good ones)

How many waves like this do you want to miss?

Photo by my  Sweetie, Mrs. PranaGlider

I'm soaking my heel after the stitches were removed. (truly ugly feet, I know!)

I addition to my heel, I had "suspicious" tissue removed from my arm, chest and so much on my fore head that they almost ran out of liquid nitrogen.

Pre-cancerous reminders of too much fun in the sun. No thank you.

For my Southern Hemisphere readers.

I make comments like "summer and winter" based on what I see when I  look out the window. Just give it the old 180 degree spin and you will be right on target! 


Ramsnake said…
Thanks for that last Prana. I was starting think I was going a little mad! Had a melanoma cut off my shoulder awhile back. Went in about another lump which ended up being benign!
chiledub said…
Going in Thursday to have a Basal Cell Carcinoma mohsed off my nose. 1st time for me. I thought only my fair skinned wife's relatives had skin cancers (they do in abundance).
pranaglider said…
All that fun in the sun has a price. But I think it's worth it.

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