The Frog House Defense

As many of you know, the venerable Frog House surf shop, is in a bit of a zoning dispute with the city of Newport Beach, even though the shop has been in the same location since 1962.

There will be a hearing meeting of the planing commission this Thursday (see below)  to decide the matter.

Thursday, April 7, 2011
Regular Meeting - 6:30 p.m
 West Newport Amendments (PA2010-182, 190, and PA2011-014)
6904, 6908-6936, and 6480 West Coast Highway

SUMMARY: Amendments to the  General Plan, Coastal Land Use Plan and Zoning Map to change the designations of three properties from Two-Unit Residential (RT and RTE) to Visitor Serving Commercial (CV) or Mixed Use-Vertical (MU-V) land use designations. The amendments were initiated by the property owners who are seeking to continue the existing nonconforming commercial use of their properties. All three properties are currently developed with commercial and mixed use buildings, and no new land use or development is proposed at this time.

That the commercial activities of a surf shop, an animal hospital and a handful of other businesses escaped the city fathers notice for almost fifty years apparently is not the point of this civic exercise.

I am not sure if there is a point.

If the zoning variance isn't granted we will lose one of the last true old time surf shops in the area.

We will gain two condo's right on PCH whose occupants (which will probably change ever 10 days during the summer months) will wonder who all these young men are, who keeping parking in the driveway, barging thru the front door demanding surf wax so they can go shred some "sick barrels".

But go check out the planning meeting, I see the whole thing going down a little like this,

Great article about the Frog Shop by Kendog at AllAboutSurf


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