I am going to be doing some pre work yoga shortly so my 5-6am blog post development time is going to be cut short.

But I read a couple of great pieces that I wanted to point you towards

Head High and Glassy, who always writes good stuff while whittling away foam to make great shred sleds has some interesting observations on the present state of surfboards, very interesting, don't miss it.

Kyle Lightner is back in town, from an extended stay at the edge.
So much good stuff there its hard to pick one but
if you haven't seen the surf badger video, now it the time
I won't embed it here but if you go to his site search for

March 24th, 2011 

So funny I had to watch it twice!

 Enjoy the day!


Dirty Hippy said…
ommmmm yoga rocks! And it helps when you get bombed by a wave! Flexing and stretching is good!

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