/*23 Breaths: Pacific Vibrations*/

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pacific Vibrations

As I have mentioned before Pacific Vibrations, was for me THE surf film, followed closely by Five Summer Stories.

At least part of the reason was that, I was and still am a huge Jock Sutherland fan.  Switch stance at Waimea Bay, side slipping thru head high Pipeline and charging Outside Pipe.

It may look tame by todays standards. Long boards had just been replaced as the standard wave vehicle.  The Cosmic Guns used in the movie were brand new. Shapers were just feeling out the advantages of more rocker, down rails and fin shape and placement.  Design ideas were dreamt up late Saturday night, boards were shaped Sunday morning, glassed Sunday afternoon and ridden on the increasing swell on Monday. The may have been broken by that afternoon and replaced on Tuesday with a host of changes,  some were advancements and some of which were just smoke dreams.

It was an interesting time.

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Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Prana, yes 1969-70 was a great time with lots of passion, creativity and innovations for our area too. Shaping and glassing a board in one day is still in order when we're inspired. Thanks for sharing, we enjoyed your post. Cowa-flexit!