A Hoax

It turns out the whole lotto thing was a hoax!

I was totally fooled.

But things change

The tide comes and goes

I got a email from the ex-president of some third world nation I've never heard of who is promising to share a gazillion dollars with me it I only let him park it in my bank account for a week.


This particular windfall comes at a good time.

My wife and I had to call out the plumber over the weekend.

The kitchen sink was draining a little slow.

So this is what you get when you trade the money that was earmarked for a new wetsuit so that the sink will drain.

I have no idea what it is by the way, other than it was packed with muck and needed to be replaced.

In the category of "REALLY GOOD NEWS" I went for a surf on Saturday.

My back has been bothering me for a while and weather conditions have been poor every weekend since forever. Saturday didn't look much better but there was swell and by the time I got to the beach the south wind was coming up. I almost packed it in but I decided to go out and surf one wave. Just one.

Other than some bilateral soreness my back feels good!



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