How many can you find?

Yesterday on the Surfer's Journal facebook page they asked how many readers have a full collection. I do and so I replied and since they asked readers to send in a picture I did that as well.

Sometimes I never look at something until I take it's picture.

Now in my household it a well known fact that after I die my body will be discovered by firemen called to my domicile due to reports of all the unfed rowdy cats and the general funky smell.

I like to collect things

Others might say I'm a pack rat.

Back to todays story.

After enduring many jokes over dinner and looking at the picture more I decided that there is a decent Highlight's magazine "can you find it in the picture" puzzle here.

So if you are playing the home game, open the picture above and try to identify the following objects in the pile.

Surf trophy I won in high school - yes I used to be able to surf standing up (5th place)

The box my UDT's came in, five years ago - I never throw out a neat box

Bucket hats I wear in the water - Patagonia makes the best ones

Tibetan prayer flags - pray for surf!

Surfmat - you were expecting something else?

Fins - part of the collection. Duck feet and UDT's with the drunken monkey mods

Surf wax - standard fathers day present for years, if you see me at the beach ask for some!

Surf movies - VHS, two different locations - 5 Summer Stories, Metaphysical, No Destination and Surfing Hollow Days. I think the DVD's are behind the pile

The last three or four years of Surfers Journals -

Another pile of Journal's - looks like the year they all had black covers

(The rest are in boxes at the bottom of the pile)

Unopened bottle of decent tequila - snake bite is a very real possibility!

Leroy Grannis book - you need good eyes or you need to know the color of the cover

Program for the Rick Griffin exhibit - same stack as above but it's red

The BIG summer issue of Surfer mag - yeah I have all of those too

Two guitars (one's in its case) - worst guitar player in the world. don't ask me to play

Weather radio - back in the day this was Surfline and Adam Wright rolled into one. Still a handy item to have

Surfers Code - never turn your back on the water!

Surf Movie tonight! - lots of old movie posters

Mavericks book - good book, covers big wave riding in general as well as Mavs

Surfing encyclopedia - not enough about mats! lots of other good stuff

Surfers Path - the Greenough Influence issue

Surf sculpture - You look thru a hole and it looks like you are looking out the tube!

Beach towel - I'll end with a easy one!


So how many did you find?

If I get enough requests I'll put together a key to all the objects

I have to say my wife is a really good sport and that the rest of the house doesn't look like this!

The garage is another matter...

BTW let me know what your collections look like


6ftnperfect said…
Surfsister said…
Oh my god!!! Don't even let the folks at the show Clean House see this picture!! They'll be at your door in a New York minute, talking about the "hot mess" that is your, uh, pile of, uh, things.

I've got another window open so I can look at the picture and look at the list you made. All I can say is . . . wow!
Surfsister said…
(Three minutes later) I've already given up!
pranaglider said…
Yea it's some thing I've been working on for twenty plus years. Either I need book cases or I need to move or a fire.

The rest of the house is neet and tidy and my wife is a saint.

Helps that she got 70 percent of the Surfer's best 50 of all time right!
Beetlejuice said…
Nice Mancave bro! (As if surf sister has the chromosome to even comment)
Surfsister said…
Ha!! Alright, so I'm not a dude and I don't completely get it. But you haven't seen our place. I'm no Martha Stewart either. The wall next to my side of the bed has a stack of Longboard mags, my box of wax, a couple of longboard fins and rolls of painters tape I use when I feel like having fun with the wax jobs on my boards.
pranaglider said…
I'm tempted to post another shot that shows there is more organization to the pile than appears in the photo. I took the pic at a most unflattering angle. But I only offer the defense that I am much more interested in the content of the books than the look of the shelves. This after realization after visiting some friends with a lovely home, beautiful decor and no books. How do such people exist? What do they do at night?
borntoloser said…
I love this picture and the corresponding activity. Oh, and we can't talk about what "those" peopel do at night...
pranaglider said…
BTL - I assumed they eat fast food, watch TV, drink and breed. But I don't know for sure. Why can't we talk about it? American traditions

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