Back to the Races

These days I usually skip the weekend surf

There are enough people out already

I figure it would be rude to add to my wave count

when so many others are just getting started for the week

That and it's super crowded!

So yesterday I had my first surf of the season in my spring suit


A spring suit is about as little a wetsuit as I wear during the summer

I can use the SPF 10000 that neoprene provides

That and it nicely protects me from the wind

This year we had some nasty dips in the water temps to the mid 50's

in July

which, while not unheard of

is still chilly.

I do still trunk it when conditions allow

and I may have to get a pair of the

I had no idea they were such big fans of the blog


pranaglider said…
It seem's that I was misinformed.

Patagonia's twenty threes boards shorts are 23 inches long.

Fame and fortune as a surf blogger continues to elude me.
6ftnperfect said…
Below-knee board shorts for rippers, shredders and schralpers.

With a product description like that you can't go wrong. And don't worry, all the people that matter in surfing (get the pun?) know who you are.
pranaglider said…
"...all the people ... in surfing ... know who you are.."

That what worries me, I don't have enough money for full time security...;)

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