Imelda Marcos

Since I was resurfacing my mat I got the fin quiver out to take a quick shot
(Not too many blossoms on the plumeria this year, I need to fertilize)

The UDT's (size Large) have been thinned down by a drunken monkey.
Fits nice and snug with a full booty, normal winter wear.

The Super Extra Large Ducks actually belong to my son who has larger feet than me, if that's possible

The Comic book grn and blu ones (size XL) are spring and fall wear, good fit over a fin sock

The tri color fins (size Lrg) are summer fins worn with no fin socks

The last tri tips are size Medium

Circle shot with a few strays

I liked the Techs (blk and wht fin above) good strap and nice wide foot box but I find the longer blades work better for me.

I did a post HERE that talks about fins

Bronze statue in HB.

This shot still cracks me up so I throw it in anytime I do a post on fins.


pranaglider said…
"TS Carlos is already in the Southern California swell window and is likely producing some tropical swell for us that would arrive early next week"


Quote from Adam Wright's surfcast email
Surfsister said…
I have some Tech's but was thinking I need a fin with a little more power behind it. Any suggestions?
Okemah said…
Surfsister, I just picked up some Da Fins (in black) size 9-10 yesterday. I haven't tried 'em yet but, I'll report when I do.
Surfsister said…
Cool! I've been looking at those. I guess I might as well grab a pair but I'll wait for your review first.
pranaglider said…
SurfSister - smaller blades for a higher cadence, longer blades for slower cadence. just like the bike.
Al McWhite said…
Classic...I just love this blog! Man, I remember when I was just a little kid in the mid seventies riding the piss out of my canvas mat and getting tubed even before I knew what it was to get tubed! I think mine was yellow with a blue stripe or something like that. For some reason or another it seemed like you could set the inside edge(almost like a rail) and just accelerate down the line with incredible speed! I've been a standup surfing ever since, but man, to mat surf again...well that's a whole other realm of sliding! Big Smiles! :)

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