picaresque with art show by the shelter gang

Please join the Shelter gang on Saturday, July 18th at 7pm for their second Backyard film for the summer as well as an art show put together by a few of the folks who make up the essence of Shelter.

Picaresque is the newest film from the folks at High seas and features the likes of Harrison Roach, Christian Wach, Scotty Stopnik, Tommy Witt, Matty Chojnacki, Chris Christenson, Mikey DeTemple, Chad Doyle, Rob Kulisek, Alek Parker, Eli, and Bucky Berry.

.. there will be music as well..

7pm -11pm at Shelter- FREE

Surf Shop Shelter Surf Shop is Located in the heart of Retro Row on 4th Street in Long Beach

Shelter Surf Shop

2148 E 4th Street

Long Beach, CA 90814


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