Lets do the Stingray shuffle?

Still had some steep south in the water so I went to a beach that would only get a glancing blow from the swell.

Still a little walled but its been awhile since I'd gotten wet.

What was notable about the go out were the number of Stingrays in the water.

I must have startled a least a dozen on my way shufflin out to the outside

I suggest doing the time warp on the way outside.

Really scares the little buggers and the stingrays too!


Anonymous said…
If you get hit with a stingray barb. Contact the lifeguards or a doctor. Rumor is that VERY hot water will help denature the toxin that causes the pain.
6ftnperfect said…
the day they banned chrome bumpers is the day they ruined the Corvette.

And the Camaro for that matter.

The only two cars that ever mattered! lol

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