Let's make a deal

Today looked like a surf day and my mat should be ready

but it was not to be

on my way to the car I notice the new surface was a little too tacky

So one more day on the fish

As it turns, out the surf was not as spectacular as I had hoped

and I ended up in a state park parking lot

talking with friends, drinking tea and wishing there was more swell

I took out the too fat fish for a couple

then returned to the beach to grab some fins

at least I could get a swim out of the day

Graham has decided that he wanted to trade his Fineline Ant

for his new Josh Hall fish and generously offered to let me ride his board.

Graham's new fish held by shaper Josh Hall

Now I occasionally ride long boards

I have a few good ones in the rafters

but that's where they usually stay

just not my usual go to surf craft

But the sun was out

the water was warm

and Graham always rides good stuff

so why not?

So I really took a close look at the Ant

I don't think you could find one flat surface on the whole board!

It was as beautiful a set of curves as I have ever seen blended together

on any surf craft that wasn't a mat!

The roll off the bottom into the bladed rails

not too thick nor too wide

I included a shot from the Fineline website but trust me pictures don't and can't begin to capture the shape.

Sort of what you would expect from someone who has shaped long boards, hulls, fish and everything else and put all that experience into a long board masterpiece.

I kept thinking how great this board would work at Trestles!

Thankfully the mat should be ready tomorrow or

I would be down at Shelter trying to work out a deal


pranaglider said…
I've gotten 3 emails already asking if I've lost my mind and do I want to sell my mat.

no and NO

It was just a really nice long board
You were pretty much owning it out there on that Ant though...

I saw your blog name on that cheapo mat you were showing us and I had to check it out. Pretty Cool!
pranaglider said…
CV - Nice surfing with you guys! Thanks for the complement but I stopped surfing long boards seriously quite a while ago, right after I discovered surf mats! But having said that they can be super fun and everyone should have one in their quiver.
jhall said…
you write you blog name on your mats? does google pay you for that? what's next, you running 23breaths sticker bombs on bumpers at bolsa?

i'm disgusted, whore'ing out your blog...pathetic

p.s. Your check bounced for your avatar photo that I shot. Get a job you bum!
twinfin said…
Glad you enjoyed it. for my next experiment, adventures with the L-spoon...

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